Why would we create anything at all? They have done all they can to strip us of our imagination, our essence, our wonder from the very beginning. Generations before us have prepackaged expectations of what our lives should look like, how our time should be spent, and whether or not our voice is of value. If we are taught that we are incapable of expression or that our art will not be of any influence then we will continue to consume in excess while we let our inner selves dwindle away.
We are under the impression that shameless self-expression is an act of radical defiance in a culture that has commodified and molded the art world into something which is measurable. We need not certificates nor degrees in order to create from our hearts and experiences. We say that those raw experiences are worth far more than the crippling ideal of perfection. We do not need to compile years of training in order to share ourselves with the world. Instead of only joining together for consumption, we encourage one another to join together for co-creation. Throw gatherings where you share, write, draw, play, record, converse, improvise, perform, film – let whatever you may escape into experience.
We may be a bit mad but we are here to support the process of the individual coming into authenticity. We are here to reaffirm that there is a joy in sharing ourselves creatively amongst our companions. There is no need to shy away from who you are, from who we are.

We are Theia Mania.

Theia Mania is a production & performance collective that is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to redefine the culture of creation. Too often we find ourselves in isolation – hidden away in our bedrooms, our studios, or behind our computer screens late at night. Yet we all have the impulse to share something. That something might be an emotion, an itch, an abstraction, a concept… but it’s ours to grow.

Our true act of rebellion is to value the collective creative process more than we value any preconceived notion of what "art" is supposed to look like.

Theia Mania implores friends to come together as a collage of mad creators. We will enthusiastically share creative spaces and come to find our own joie de vivre once more. Take an idea and turn it into something – an album, a video, a compilation, a book, a performance… DIY or dwindle away.

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